Aurora, Texas is a “Legendary Western Town”, with a history more interesting that most people might think.

Nestled quietly in between the cities of Rhome and Boyd, Aurora was once the largest city in Wise County, with a population of over 3,000 in the late 1800’s. Settlement first began in 1858, with newcomer William O. Stanfield suggesting Aurora as the name for the community after being impressed by its beauty.

In April of 1897, a newspaper article written by Aurora resident S. E. Hayden appeared in the Dallas Morning News. It definitely sparked interest, as the article claimed that a resident from another planet had crashed in Aurora and been given a proper Christian burial in the local cemetery. It was with this article that the legend began.

Today, Aurora is home to just over 1,400 people and is continuing to grow as businesses pop up in the nearby Alliance corridor. With its mix of newer subdivisions and historic country homes, it remains the perfect balance of urban living and southern hospitality.