Carswell AFB 1947

Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth is famous for being the place where the wreckage of a UFO that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947 was supposedly taken after it was recovered by the U.S. Army. A number of witnesses have stated that the wreckage was flown on a plane, accompanied by Roswell Army Air Field Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel and Flight Engineer Robert Porter.

In 1990, Porter gave the following statement about having accompanied the wreckage to Carswell Air Force Base:

After the wreckage was flown to Carswell AFB, a press conference was held at the base by General George Ramey, in which the media were shown debris from a standard weather balloon. The implication was that what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, was nothing more than a weather balloon.


Article From Corsicana, Texas, Newspaper 7-9-1947

Press Conference

Press Conference About Roswell Crash at Carswell AFB

In an interesting development regarding the press conference at Carswell, several UFO researchers claim that a telegram which appears in one of the 1947 photos of balloon debris in Ramey’s office contains text that confirms that aliens and a “disk” were found. Rudiak and some other examiners claim that when enlarged, the text on the paper General Ramey is apparently holding in his hand includes key phrases “the victims of the wreck” and “in/on the ‘disc'” plus other phrases seemingly in the context of a crashed vehicle recovery.

Below is a report on the Carswell AFB connection to the Roswell Incident by Dallas television station KDFW:

Dallas News |

The former Carswell AFB is shown in the Google Map below, as it looks today:

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