Texas Crop Circles

Fort Worth, Tarrant County – May 1968 (cotton)
A cotton farmer living south of Fort Worth, Texas discovered a five-foot diameter, burnt and flattened area in his field. The circle was surrounded by a wider, flattened, egg-shaped area (also burnt, but less so). In the whole of the depressed area, the soil was extremely dried out “like a piece of glazed pottery”. Upon receiving word of the circle, the USAF sent a team of approximately 20 men in two helicopters to the site where they took soil samples and radiation readings, and then quickly left. The farmer tried planting new cotton in the area, but the first planting didn’t grow; the second came up “sickly”, but the third planting seemed to “take hold unaffected”. Source: “Mysterious Clues Left Behind By Flying Saucers”, UFO Report, Spring 1975

Calvert, Robertson County – December 11, 1973 (unknown)
A single circle is reported; no further details known. Crop type: Unknown. Source: The Secret History of Crop Circles, Terry Wilson

Grapevine, Tarrant County – May 4, 1974 (grasses)
A single, clockwise swirled circle reported. No further details known. Eyewitness report only. Source: The Secret History of Crop Circles, Terry Wilson


Courtesy ICCRA.org

Copperas Cove, Coryell County – February 20, 1975 (grasses / shrubs)
Two 30-foot diameter areas of concentric circles were discovered in an area of dry grass and shrubs in an open field near a creek. The plants had been rotated downward and counter-clockwise by some significant force which had moved large clods of dirt and small rocks, as well as uprooted some of the plants by the apparently fast rotation. Plants outside these areas were unaffected. A mutilated calf was found outside one of the circles. Local residents had reported seeing a yellowish-orange BOL (Ball-of-light) hovering over the farmland around the same time as the circles were discovered. One family of witnesses described seeing intermittent shafts of bluish-white light coming from the BOL towards the ground. Texas DPS and local police said the circles could not have been the result of a dust devil or normal wind. Sources: “The Mysterious Link Between UFOs and Animal Mutilations”, Tommy Roy Blann, UFO Report, April 1976; “The UFO-Cattle Mutilation Link – The Last Word (Part 2)”, UFO Report, Fall 1981

Whiteface, Cochran County – March 10, 1975 (grasses / wheat)
A ‘perfectly round’ 30-foot diameter circle of flattened, rotated grass was discovered with a mutilated heifer inside. A quarter-mile to the west, a second 30-foot diameter circular area was found in a wheat field (newly planted, only about 4 inches tall at the time) which also appeared to have been burned. This circle also had a mutilated steer inside it. A small amount of radioactivity (about one-half of one percent higher than the background outside the area) was detected by the local Sheriff’s department who called Reese Air Force base to come out and inspect the site further. The sheriff reported overhearing one of the military officers express some concern over the radioactivity level. Sources: “The Mysterious Link Between UFOs and Animal Mutilations”, Tommy Roy Blann, UFO Report, April 1976; “The UFO-Cattle Mutilation Link – The Last Word (Part 2)”, UFO Report, Fall 1981

Grapevine, Texas – May 1976
Several people in Grapevine saw a beam of white light come out of the sky and touch the ground. It left a circle surrounded by a ring in the vegetation. Source: Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols by Judith Moore and Barbara Lamb

Denrock / Dalhart, Dallam County – 1989 (corn / maize)
A single circle reported. No futher details known. Eyewitness report only. Source: Jeffrey Wilson

Undisclosed Location – August 19, 1993 (grasses)
Two circular rings, 70’ and 100’ in diameter, were discovered in a grass field. The grass inside the rings was discolored. No further details known. Eyewitness report only. Source: Jeffrey Wilson

Waxahachie, Ellis County – March 5, 1994 (unknown)
No further details known. Eyewitness report only. Sources: Jeffrey Wilson

Georgetown, Williamson County – July 30, 1994 (grasses)
A ‘perfect’ 30’ diameter ring 6”-12” in diameter was discovered in pasture grass along US Highway 183 just north of Seward Junction. Nearby a flattened “arrow” was found pointing directly at the circle. No further details known. Eyewitness report only. Source: “UFO Wave in Williamson County, Texas” by Edmund W. Surma, UFO Universe, Fall 1995

Lone Star, Morris County – May 24, 2003 (rye)
A single 22’ diameter circle in rye reported. Eyewitness report only. Sources: Jeffrey Wilson

Clint, El Paso County – September 27, 2004 (grasses)
A randomly-downed formation is reported with multiple areas flattened; farmer cut the field quickly to avoid further publicity. Eyewitness report only. Sources: Jeffrey Wilson

Courtesy ICCRA.org

Courtesy ICCRA.org

Sabine Pass, Jefferson County – November 30, 2005 (reeds / grasses)
A single 40’ diameter circle found in reeds and marsh grass along Texas Highway 87. The RDF circle was flattened all in one direction, much like the Mendon, NY reeds circle reported in October; it was not swirled. A wire fence ran through the circle, and the plants were pushed up against it. The circle was very difficult to access because the area surrounding it was under 1-2 feet of standing water, and being in the marsh, there were fears of alligators and water snakes.Hurricane Rita passed directly over Sabine Pass, Jefferson County, Texas when making landfall on September 24, 2005. The area and town is still devastated from the Category 4 hurricane damage, and is still cleaning up the damage. Sources: KBTV 4, Patricia Deslatte, J.P. DeVierville, ICCRA, Port Arthur News

Plano, Texas – July 7, 2006 (millet)
Two large areas of very dried out 4-1/2 ft. tall millet flattened tightly to the ground, in no obvious design. Bending at base of plants & standing clumps seen throughout browned areas; rest of field green and apparently healthy. Farmer attributes damage to drought. Fieldworker reported his new batteries went dead after 30 photos. Source: BLTresearch.com.

Courtesy BLTresearch.com

Courtesy BLTresearch.com

Goldthwaite, Texas – February 18, 2011 (dirt)
I arrived at our ranch house (a place we do not live) yesterday afternoon. At that time, I was did not notice the circles. I woke this morning and opened my window to find these two circles, one inside of the other. What puzzeled me was that they were perfect circles. I took pictures from our upstairs window to show the circles. This ranch is out in the middle of no where so I’m not sure how to tell when this happened. I have looked at it all day and can not make sense of it so we decided to report it. The inner circle is about 30ft in diameter and the outer circle is about 37ft in diameter. The distance between the two circles is about 7 feet. The rings are about 2 feet wide and the dirt just looks sorta chewed up. There are no tread marks on the lines. There are tread marks around in other areas….the roads on our property are dirt.but this is different. There is no entrance or exit; it simply looks like two circles, one inside of the other. I have no idea what might have caused this. Like I said, we have dirt roads, 4 wheelers and motorcycles, but we couldn’t get circles this perfect if we tried. This is private property and to my knowledge, no one else has been on my property. Source: National UFO Reporting Center