Texas UFO Landing Pads

Del Rio’s Urantia UFO Landing Pad, 1977

Many Del Rio, Texas, residents are not aware that their city is one of very few in the world that has a duly-designated, official “UFO Landing Pad.” The 60-foot, circular concrete landing pad was installed around 1977 by a group calling itself “Skylight 606,” formed by “three ladies who enjoy thinking of the Universe as a friendly place with countless inhabited worlds.” The group’s spokesperson was Del Rio businesswoman Barbara Petsch, owner of Dilly-Dilly Art & Gifts on Highway 90 West. The landing pad, which was to be part of a “UFO Park” called “Urantia,” still exists today but is not currently open to the public. To zoom in on the area using Google Maps, go to http://goo.gl/maps/GMYHk.

Aerial view of Landing Pad from Google Maps (Note the words “Skylight 606”). Click on photo for larger view:

Del Rio Pad

Del Rio Landing Pad on Highway 90

Landing Pad

Excerpt from Del Rio Herald, April 10, 1977

Southeast Dallas UFO Landing Pad, 1992

In 1992, 73-year-old Wesley Nunley built an octagonal UFO landing pad in the middle of his 120-acre sand and gravel pit near Hutchins, Texas, southeast of Dallas. The landing pad included two-foot-tall, spray-painted red letters that screamed out, “U-F-O LANDING BASE 1” and also, as if to hedge his bet, “WELCOME LORD JESUS” [The lettering has since faded]. Nunley told reporters, “I tell you, this could be a big thing. This welcomes the UFO to land, which has never been done before. It was the realization of a dream he had for decades, to invite aliens to land on his property. Mr. Nunley passed away on March 16, 2009. To zoom in to the landing pad using Google maps, visit http://goo.gl/maps/JYsg1.


Aerial View from Google Maps, Taken in 2014

Landing pad

Galveston Daily News 12-20-92 Page 5

Mayor of Palacios, Texas, Designates City Airport as UFO Landing Zone, 1973

On Thursday, October 19, 1973, the mayor of Palacios, located on the Texas Gulf Coast halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi, announced that the town council had issued a proclamation granting landing privileges to all UFOs at the Palacios Municipal Airport. “It just occurred to me,” Jackson said, that no one has ever made those little fellas welcome. So we – the Town Council – issued a proclamation to make it official.”

The town also designated Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1973 as the “First Annual UFO Fly-In Day” at the Municipal Airport. “It is my belief that every traveler needs a home away from home,” Mayor Jackson said, “And it is my intention to go one step further to reassure any lonely space traveler is always welcome at our airport.”

Coincidentally, on Friday, Oct. 20, the day after the mayor’s announcement, the local high school football game was interrupted late in the second quarter when a “big red blob” flew directly over the stadium in full view of spectators and players. Mayor Jackson said, “It was a big red blob. It would travel for a few secons, stop dead still for 15 to 20 seconds, then move on.”


Denton Record-Chronicle Oct 19 1973 Page 3

Google Map below shows the Palacios Municipal Airport:

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