Sherman 1965


Photograph Taken by Bob Campbell (NICAP)

An amazing UFO incident occurred on August 2, 1965, in Sherman, Texas, just north of Dallas, involving multiple, highly-credible witnesses such as law enforcement officers. The sightings on that night were actually seen in four other states (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas).

The Sherman sighting is considered one of the most reliable unexplained UFO incidents of the 1960s. It was included in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books as an example of a totally unexplained UFO case.

On August 2, 1965, shortly after midnight, KXWI (Sherman, Texas) television newsman Bob Campbell was monitoring police calls on his shortwave radio when he heard two police highway patrolmen discussing reports of a UFO being tracked on radar and streaking toward Texas from Oklahoma. He left his home at about 2 a.m., armed with a 4×5 Speed Graphic camera and 120 Tri-X film, and drove into Bells, Texas, where he picked up policeman Pete McCollom.

Together the two men searched for the object and soon sighted it hanging stationary thirteen miles east of Sherman, on Highway 82. Its outline was clearly defined in the northeastern sky, and the photographer set up his camera. He took four exposures, two minutes each at three-minute intervals.


From Dr. Hynek’s Book, “The UFO Experience” (1972)

The object’s shape was a cylinder with “Mercury capsule” shape at one end, possibly rounded at other end. Several distinct bands around diameter of cylinder, with disc shaped “bosses” on its surface. An extrusion of luminosity from one band, and an ejection of an unknown material accompanied the object.


November 1965 Issue of Fate Magazine Included Article About the Sherman Sighting

The remarkable aspect of this particular incident is that, having been alerted by the same radio broadcast, several other individuals were also watching the object. Campbell and McCollum were one mile west of Bells, Texas. Highway patrolman Bill Quires was watching from Durant, 30 mi north of Bells, and Department of Public Safety Dispatcher Jim Faglia was watching from a point seven miles south of Sherman, thus precluding the possibility that the object could have been a planet or a star.

The negatives have been carefully examined by Air Force scientific advisers and by astronomical experts. In his landmark book, The UFO Experience, astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote this about the case, “On the first day of August, 1965, and on the following two days there occurred the ‘Midwest flap.’ From several states, strange Nocturnal Lights were reported by ostensibly reliable police officers on patrol at various places over an area of several hundred square miles.Blue Book dismissed this event as ‘Stars seen through inversion layers,’ although I know of no astronomer who has ever witnessed inversion efects that produced these reported efgects. Both past experience and calculations show that such illusory aspects, in which stars move over at a considerable arc of the sky, simply cannot be produced by thermal inversions.”

No acceptable explanation has been found for the object recorded on the negatives. It must be considered a UFO.

Below is a Google Map of the route taken by the two men (A to B) and the approximate site of the UFO sighting (green arrow). Click on image to look at an interactive Google Map of the area:


Route Taken by Witnesses (A to B) and Arrow Shows UFO Location


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