Dimension X

Dimension XDimension X was an NBC radio program broadcast on an unsponsored, sustaining basis from April 8, 1950 to September 29, 1951. The first 13 episodes were broadcast live, and the remainder were pre-recorded. Fred Wiehe and Edward King were the directors, and Norman Rose was heard as both announcer and narrator (his famous opening: “Adventures in time and space… told in future tense…”).

Preceded by Mutual’s 2000 Plus (1950–52), Dimension X was not the first adult science fiction series on radio, but the acquisition of previously published stories immediately gave it a strong standing with the science fiction community, as did the choice of well established, respected writers in the field: Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown, Robert A. Heinlein, Murray Leinster, H. Beam Piper, Frank M. Robinson, Clifford D. Simak, William Tenn, Jack Vance, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Williamson and Donald A. Wollheim. Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts adapted most of the stories and also provided original scripts.

In Science Fiction Television (2004), M. Keith Booker wrote: “It was not until the 1950s that science fiction radio really hit its stride, even as science fiction was beginning to appear on television as well. Radio programs such as Mutual’s 2000 Plus and NBC’s Dimension X were anthology series that offered a variety of exciting tales of future technology, with a special focus on space exploration (including alien invasion), though both series also often reflected contemporary anxieties about the dangers of technology.[1]
The series opened with “The Outer Limit”, Ernest Kinoy’s adaptation of Graham Doar’s short story from The Saturday Evening Post (December 24, 1949) about alien contact. A week later (April 15, 1950), the program presented Jack Williamson’s most famous story, “With Folded Hands”, first published in the July 1947 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.

With a five-month hiatus from January 1951 to June 1951, the series spanned 17 months. All 50 episodes of the series survived and can be heard today. Later, NBC’s X Minus One (1955–58) utilized many of the same actors and scripts, and on a few occasions, reused the actual Dimension X broadcast with only minor editing.


Dimension X 50-04-08 (01)The Outer Limit.mp3
Dimension X 50-04-15 (02)With Folded Hands.mp3
Dimension X 50-04-22 (03)Report on the Barnhouse Effect.mp3
Dimension X 50-04-29 (04)No Contact.mp3
Dimension X 50-05-06 (05)Knock.mp3
Dimension X 50-05-13 (06)Almost Human.mp3
Dimension X 50-05-20 (07)The Lost Race.mp3
Dimension X 50-05-27 (08)To the Future.mp3
Dimension X 50-06-03 (09)The Embassy.mp3
Dimension X 50-06-10 (10)The Green Hills of Earth.mp3
Dimension X 50-06-17 (11)There Will Come Soft Rains-Zero Hour.mp3
Dimension X 50-06-24 (12)Destination Moon.mp3
Dimension X 50-07-01 (13)A Logic Named Joe (East Coast).mp3
Dimension X 50-07-01 (13)A Logic Named Joe.mp3
Dimension X 50-07-07 (14)Mars Is Heaven.mp3
Dimension X 50-07-14 (15)The Man in the Moon.mp3
Dimension X 50-07-21 (16)Beyond Infinity.mp3
Dimension X 50-07-28 (17)Potters of Firsk.mp3
Dimension X 50-08-04 (18)Perigi’s Wonderful Dolls.mp3
Dimension X 50-08-11 (19)The Castaways.mp3
Dimension X 50-08-18 (20)The Martian Chronicals.mp3
Dimension X 50-08-25 (21)The Parade.mp3
Dimension X 50-09-01 (22)The Roads Must Roll.mp3
Dimension X 50-09-08 (23)First Contact.mp3
Dimension X 50-09-15 (24)Hello Tomorrow.mp3
Dimension X 50-09-22 (25)Dr Grimshaw’s Sanatorium.mp3
Dimension X 50-09-29 (26)And the Moon Be Still as Bright.mp3
Dimension X 50-10-28 (27)No Contact.mp3
Dimension X 50-11-05 (28)The Professor Was a Thief.mp3
Dimension X 50-11-12 (29)Shanghied.mp3
Dimension X 50-11-19 (30)Competition.mp3
Dimension X 50-11-26 (31)Universe.mp3
Dimension X 50-12-24 (32)The Green Hills of Earth.mp3
Dimension X 51-01-07 (33)Mars Is Heaven.mp3
Dimension X 51-01-14 (34)The Martian Death March.mp3
Dimension X 51-06-03 (35)The Last Objective.mp3
Dimension X 51-06-10 (36)Nightmare.mp3
Dimension X 51-06-17 (37)A Pebble in the Sky.mp3
Dimension X 51-06-24 (38)Child’s Play.mp3
Dimension X 51-07-12 (39)Time and Time Again.mp3
Dimension X 51-07-19 (40)Dwellers in Silence.mp3
Dimension X 51-07-26 (41)Courtesy.mp3
Dimension X 51-08-02 (42)Universe.mp3
Dimension X 51-08-09 (43)The Veldt.mp3
Dimension X 51-08-16 (44)The Vital Factor.mp3
Dimension X 51-08-23 (45)Untitled Story.mp3
Dimension X 51-08-30 (46)Marionettes, Inc.mp3
Dimension X 51-09-08 (47)First Contact.mp3
Dimension X 51-09-15 (48)Kaleidoscope.mp3
Dimension X 51-09-22 (49)Requiem.mp3
Dimension X 51-09-29 (50)Nightfall.mp3