Hall of Fantasy

Hall of FantasyHall of Fantasy started as a horror / mystery anthology show produced by a local radio station in Utah, beginning in 1947. The half-hour show was aired sporadically until 1952, at which time it was picked up for national syndication by the Mutual Radio Network. Mutual ran the show through the middle of 1953. The series was written and directed by Richard Thorne, a prolific and talented writer and producer. The show later received acclaim for excellent production quality and fine writing and acting. Early in its run, the series focused on murder mysteries, but later shows were devoted to horror and some sci-fi. Of more than 200 episodes produced, sadly only about 40 exist today.


470213 Perfect Script
470307 Death In Bayous
470403 Judge’s House
470410 Man Size In Marble
470424 Markheim
470501 Mark Of Shame
500311 He Who Follows Me
520822 Castle Of Lavoca
520905 Shadow People
520919 Steps That Follow Me
530105 Hangman’s Rope
530119 Cask Of Amontillado
530126 Black Figurine Of Death
530202 Silver Flask
530209 Dance Of Devil Dolls
530309 Masks Of Ashor
530323 Night Fog Came
530330 Beast With Red Eyes
530406 Return From Death
530413 Demon Of Night
530420 Out Of Sky
530427 Wild Huntsman
530504 Idol Of Cromm Cruac
530511 Specter Of Denston Castle
530518 Crawling Thing
530525 Twisting Weeds Of Death
530601 Telltale Heart
530608 Hand Of Botar
530615 Jewels Of Kali
530622 Marquis Of Death
530629 Temple Of Huitzilipochle
530706 Man In Black
530720 Treasure Of Kublai Khan
530727 Automaton
530803 Golden Bracelet Of Amoniris
530810 Man Form Second
530817 Stone’s Revenge
530824 Sea Phantom
530831 Diamonds Of Death
530921 Shadow People
531005 Dance Of Devil Dolls
531012 Sea Phantom
531019 Return From Death
531026 He Who Follows Me
531102 Temple Of Huizilipochle
531109 Telltale Heart
531116 Crawling Thing
531123 Masks Of Ashor
531130 Diamonds Of Death
531207 Shadow People
531214 Silver Flask
531221 Night Fog Came
531228 Black Figurine Of Death
540104 Cask Of Amontillado
540111 Marquis Of Death
540118 Man In Black
540125 Wild Huntsman
540201 Twisting Weeds Of Death
540208 Automaton
540215 Treasure Of Kubla Kahn
540222 Hangman’s Rope
540301 Golden Bracelet Of Amoniris
540308 Hand Of Botar
540315 Stone’s Revenge
540322 Jewels Of Kali
540329 Castle Of Lavoca