New! Stories From the Golden Age of Science Fiction!

Noe Torres, author of “Aliens in the Forest” and “The Real Cowboys & Aliens,” has selected eight of his favorite science fiction stories from the 1950s for this outstanding collection. Included are tales that capture the essence of the 1950s, including masterpieces by Clifford D. Simak, Frederik Pohl, H. Beam Piper, Philip K. Dick, Murray Leinster, and Fritz Lieber. The impact and reach of these stories has been extensive, as all of them were adapted into radio dramas for the outstanding 1950s series “X Minus One,” which is still treasured by many today. The included stories also influenced many later literary and film ventures. For instance, Pohl’s story “Tunnel Under the World” is about a character who keeps re-living the same day over and over, similar to the dilemma faced by Phil Connors in the 1993 motion picture “Groundhog Day.” Others of these stories had an obvious influence on television shows such as “Star Trek,” “Lost in Space,” and “Twilight Zone.”

Voyages in Time and Space: Vintage Science Fiction from the 1950s

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Texas UFO Museum & Research Library Opens!

We are happy to announce the grand opening of the Texas UFO Museum & Research Library web site at http://TexasUFOmuseum.com. There is no brick-and-mortar museum yet, but the online version of the museum is the first step toward establishing an actual, physical museum to house information about the state’s most noteworthy UFO cases. When you visit the museum, you will see eye-opening information about how UFOs, despite getting minimal media attention, have been a very important part of Texas history dating back to the 1800s. In fact, a UFO sighting by a Dallas-area farmer in 1878 is recognized as being the first instance of the word “saucer” being used to describe a UFO. The term “flying saucer” did not “officially” enter our vocabulary until 1947 – but there it was in Dallas-area newspapers way back in 1878.

The Texas UFO Museum features exhibits about all the major UFO cases from 1878 to the present, including the Lubbock Lights, Stephenville, the Del Rio UFO Crash, the Levelland sightings, the Cash-Landrum case, and many, many more! Be sure to visit the museum’s web site today!



2014 Del Rio UFO Festival is a Huge Success

Thank you, Del Rio and surrounding communities! Hundreds of people participated in the various events associated with the 2014 Del Rio UFO Festival. More than 300 attended the UFO lectures on January 25. About 100 attended a “Meet the Speakers & Authors” function at the Val Verde Public Library on January 24. About 70 participated in the UFO Festival’s “Ghost Hunt” on January 24. In addition, several hundred people attended the UFO Extravaganza at Greenwood Park, and about 50 attended a special reception and news conference for the speakers.

Below is a recap of the Del Rio UFO Festival from the Jerry Pippin UFO Files radio show on Jan. 27, featuring Noe Torres, Ruben Uriarte, and Melanie Young:

If you missed the UFO lectures or would like to see them again, you can view them for free at the link below:

Noe and Ruben’s new book The Coyame Incident: UFO Crash Near Presidio, Texas brings the “Coyame” case up to date based on the six years of additional research since the publication of their first book Mexico’s Roswell. Pick up your copy of the book: CreateSpace.com or from Amazon.com.

The Coyame Incident: UFO Crash Near Presidio, Texas is also available for the Amazon Kindle. Click here for more details.

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