The idea that ETs may have visted North America during the 1800s may not be as far-fetched as some people think, according to author Noe Torres, is a featured speaker at the 2017 International UFO Congress, to be held Feb. 15-19, at Fountain Hills, Arizona. A nationally-known UFO expert, Torres will talk about stories from his critically-acclaimed book The Real Cowboys & Aliens: UFO Encounters of the Old West, which was published in 2011 by Amazon.com. Noe’s presentation, which will be the second of the Congress, will be on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 10:30 a.m.


“What is especially interesting about these historic UFO sightings is that they took place before airplanes were invented and before flight of any kind was common. Although hot air balloons had been around since the 1700s, it was closer to 1900 before balloon airships became widely known.”

In his presentation, Torres will discuss many UFO sightings from 1800s, including the most interesting cases from the book. Torres said, “I’ll be presenting many bizarre stories, such as the one about a being from outer space whose spaceship crashed in North Texas and whose body was buried in a lonely Texas cemetery where it may still remain today. The audiience will also hear about a flying monster shot by two cowboys outside of Tombstone, Arizona. Another story deals with an underwater UFO that came up to the surface and nearly electrocuted two men – and much more.”


Alien Con 2016
We’d like to thank everyone who visited our RoswellBooks.com table at the first ever Alien Con, held Oct. 28-30, 2016 at the Santa Clara (California) Convention Center. Also, special thanks to the many folks who attended the Discussion Panel about our book The Real Cowboys & Aliens on Friday, Oct. 28. We had standing room only in the Sonoma Theater.

Alien Con

Ruben Uriarte at the RoswellBooks Alien Con table.


Authors Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte are proud to announce the Amazon Audible audiobook release of their book Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO EncounterAliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter, narrated by Matthew Wiens. Matthew and the authors worked closely over several months to create the most gripping storytelling possible in audio format. Torres said “Matthew is a wonderful narrator and has done a tremendous job with our book. Ruben Uriarte and I were both amazed at how good the narration sounds. Major kudos to Matthew!” The book is available from Amazon via their Audible audiobook service using the Amazon links provided.


Author Noe Torres was among the featured speakers at the first annual “Aurora Alien Encounter” festival, held on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at the MD Resort in Aurora, Texas (near Fort Worth). A capacity crowd of 396 people attended the event, which also featured Travis Walton, Jim Marrs, Nick Redfern, Tui Snider, and Stephen Andrasko. Aurora was the site of one of the state’s most incredible UFO cases, which occurred 50 years before the Roswell UFO Crash! Early in the morning on April 17, 1897, a strange object came streaking across the sky, colliding with a windmill and falling to pieces near the center of town. Amidst the strange metallic wreckage, the townspeople found the body of a small humanoid described as “not an inhabitant of this world.” This story was included as a chapter in Noe’s book The Real Cowboys & Aliens. To watch a recording of the entire conference, click on the video link above.

Noe and Ruben’s new book The Coyame Incident: UFO Crash Near Presidio, Texas¬†brings the “Coyame” case up to date based on the six years of additional research since the publication of their first book Mexico’s Roswell. Pick up your copy of the book:¬†CreateSpace.com or from Amazon.com.

The Coyame Incident: UFO Crash Near Presidio, Texas is also available for the Amazon Kindle. Click here for more details.

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