UFO Lost Cases


I am very happy to announce the release of my new book, The Real Cowboys & Aliens: The Lost Cases, co-written with my friend John LeMay of Roswell, New Mexico. When John and I finished our three book series, covering UFO & paranormal sightings of the 1800s, we found ourselves with many additional cases that we we left out of the original three books. Although these “Lost Cases” were not included in the previous books, they are no less worthy of publication – so we have put them all together in one more volume of our “Real Cowboys & Aliens” series!!! Be sure to grab your copy at: https://amzn.to/3x5Dwmg

Here is the introduction to the book: The world of Ufology has undoubtedly seen some strange cases over the years… but none so strange as these. Some the authors overlooked, others were simply too strange to include in the main series, until now. If you loved the first three books in The Real Cowboys and Aliens series, then prepare for a new set of revelations in The Lost Cases! After reading this book, you’ll ask yourself: What did Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa have to do with the infamous crystal skull of doom? How close did the Confederate Army come to building a fleet of airships during the Civil War? What’s behind the mystery of the Moon-Eyed People of the Southeastern United States? How did a Missouri town attempt to profit off of a recent airship crash nearly fifty years before Roswell tried the same thing? Were strange rains of blood and animals from the sky the result of UFOs carelessly emptying their craft of abducted specimens? And, could it be that some of the airships were in fact the creations of a secretive group known as the Sonora Air Club in the 1850s? The book is also available for the Kindle at: https://amzn.to/3kTlkr6.

Lost Cases