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Before heading to the Roswell UFO Festival, be sure to pick up a copy of Roswell’s #1 bestselling book for tourists about the UFO incident, describing exactly where all the major events took place – including the crash, the alien autopsy, the aircraft hangar where the UFO and bodies were taken, and more! Order the Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash today, available from Amazon.com!

“Prior to the publication of this book, few people knew exactly where to look for this spell-binding hidden history. Now, contained herein are the resources needed to visit all the major historical sites related to the alleged UFO crash.” – John LeMay, Roswell historian and author.

Does evidence still exist today in Roswell, New Mexico of a mysterious UFO crash from July 1947? Let this book be your guide to visiting all the sites in and around Roswell that were involved in the infamous “Roswell Incident.” Experience for yourself the hidden landmarks of that fateful evening when an object from beyond Earth came streaking down out of the night sky, changing the course of human history forever.

For the first time ever, each of Roswell’s UFO landmarks is carefully explored through witness interviews, photographs, and maps. The amazing story of the Roswell UFO crash is finally revealed by a close examination of where everything happened. Follow the trail of the world’s most fascinating UFO case by walking in the very places where the eerie events of 1947 unfolded.

Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash is available both in a print edition and by electronic delivery using Amazon’s Kindle. Kindle makes the complete book available electronically within 60 seconds for only $9.95 ( a $5 savings over the print edition). The book can be delivered wirelessly to any Kindle device or over the Internet using the free Kindle software for PC or Mac. Click here to purchase our print edition or, for the Kindle edition, click here. Also available from Amazon is a Spanish edition of the book.

Best-selling author Peter Robbins says about our book, “The Ultimate Guide is deeply informative, well illustrated and consistently interesting. This is American history most Americans are completely unaware of and a public service to anyone who wants to walk the walk and experience the Roswell story via the actual locations where it occurred. Bravo Noe Torres and E.J. Wilson!”

Veteran Roswell researcher Kevin Randle says: “If you are planning to visit Roswell, this book tells you all you need to know about the UFO crash, the city and its character. It condenses the confusion of the case into an easily read book that will help anyone make the most of a visit to city and help understand what actually happened. A very nice addition to the Roswell literature.”

“I read Ultimate Guide in one day. Could not put it down! This is a wonderful addition to ‘Roswellicana,’ and I congratulate you, Mr. Torres, on your first-rate research and scholarship.” J. Steiger – Woodbridge, VA.

“Your book kept me up all night … especially the part about the alien autopsy that happened right here in Roswell.” Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson in the 1960s TV series “Lost in Space.”

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