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Welcome to the virtual home of the Texas UFO Museum and Research Library, a clearinghouse for information about major UFO cases that have occurred in the state of Texas or that have strong ties to Texas. As we develop this site further, this will become the world’s top online destination for data about historic Texas UFO cases as well as recent encounters that are grabbed from today’s headlines. Also, a physical, brick-and-mortar Texas UFO Museum is now in the early planning stages.

Laredo UFO

UFO Photographed Near Laredo, Texas in 2011

  1. Notable Texas UFO Cases 1878-1959
    1. Dallas 1878 – First Use of “Saucer” to Describe UFO
    2. Marfa 1883 – First Appearance of the Mysterious Marfa Lights
    3. Dublin 1891 – Airborne Explosion of UFO Over Town
    4. Aurora 1897 – Body of Extraterrestrial Recovered from Saucer Crash
    5. Carswell AFB 1947 – Roswell UFO Wreckage Transported to Fort Worth
    6. Laredo 1948 – U.S. Fighter Planes Chase UFO and Possibly Bring It Down
    7. Fort Hood 1949 – UFOs Plague Major U.S. Nuclear Base
    8. El Indio 1950 – UFO Crash Mentioned in Eisenhower Briefing Document
    9. Lubbock 1951 – Bizarre Airborne Lights Fly Over Town
    10. Del Rio 1955 – Retired Colonel Claims He Chased UFO & Visited Crash Site
    11. Levelland 1957 – Multiple Sightings Including the Landing of a 100-Foot-Long UFO
    12. Fort Worth 1957 – Radar Tracks UFO Chasing Military Plane
    13. Laughlin AFB 1957 – U.S. Establishes Secret Ops Near Del Rio, Texas
  2. Notable Texas UFO Cases 1960-2014
    1. JFK and UFOs 1963 – JFK Assassinated Ten Days After Demanding to See UFO Proof
    2. Sherman 1965 – Multiple Witnesses Including Lawmen See and Photograph UFO
    3. Damon 1965 – Extraordinary sighting of 200-foot-long Triangle UFO by Sheriff’s Deputies
    4. Edinburg 1966 – UFO Shoots Beam of Fire at Construction Workers
    5. Alta Loma 1973 – Strange Alien Abduction of Judy Doraty Near Texas City
    6. Presidio 1974 – Mid-Air Collision Between Airplane and UFO
    7. Harlingen 1976 – Mothman-like Sightings Throughout South Texas
    8. Huffman 1980 – World-Famous “Cash-Landrum” UFO Encounter, Northeast of Houston
    9. Bovina 1995 – American West Airline Encounters UFO near Amarillo, Texas
    10. Stephenville 2008 – Multiple Sightings of Huge “Mothership” UFO
    11. Cotulla 2012 – Rash of Sightings by Oil Field Workers in South Texas
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    1. Texas Crop Circles
    2. Texas UFO Cults
    3. Texas Chupacabra
    4. UFO Landing Pads
    5. Animal Mutilations
    6. Project Blue Book – Texas Unexplained Cases
    7. Notable Texas UFO Researchers and Authors
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