Alien Autopsy

In July 1947, a strange object crashed in the desert north of Roswell, New Mexico, and witnesses claimed that the bodies of “extraterrestrials” were recovered by the U.S. military and taken to be autopsied at the Roswell Army base. 48 years later, in 1995, a grainy black-and-white film of the alleged autopsy was released worldwide to stunned audiences. The complete story of this controversial film is told in the newly-released book Roswell Alien Autopsy: The Truth Behind the Film that Shocked the World, written by British UFO researcher Philip Mantle, the first person given access to the film, and edited by Noe Torres. Available now at

Nick Pope, the former head of UFO research for the British government, says, “The Alien Autopsy Film is either proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth and an associated government cover-up, or the greatest hoax of all time. Philip Mantle’s book is a fascinating and comprehensive investigation into the greatest and most controversial mystery of our time.”

Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of Communion and The Grays, calls Mantle’s book “a searching, insightful and much needed examination of the truths and lies behind the famous ‘alien autopsy’ film. It shines light into the shadows surrounding this world-famous piece of film. Is it a fake or not? This engaging mystery story takes the reader in some very surprising directions. A most interesting and provocative book.

Bestselling author Kevin Randle says, “Philip Mantle, a British UFO researcher has been involved with the alien autopsy almost from the moment that it was announced to the world that the film existed. He has met with all the primaries in the case, including those who hold the film, those who have examined it, and those of us who have researched it and UFOs for many years. If someone was going to write the definitive book about the alien autopsy, it would be Philip Mantle. Mantle’s book provides all the information that is needed to understand the autopsy from the very beginning…. This is the one book to own if you have an interest in the alien autopsy…”

Author Philip Mantle is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, former Mutual UFO Network representative for England, and an honorary member of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena in the Ukraine. He is an international lecturer on the subject of UFOs and has also worked for a variety of TV and radio companies around the world.

Roswell Alien Autopsy: The Truth Behind the Film that Shocked the World, published by, is available in soft cover for $14.95 from and most online book retailers. Click here to order your copy today! Also available as an e-book exclusively at the Amazon Kindle store.

Below is a fascinating short documentary film about one man’s obsession with the Roswell Alien Autopsy (Courtesy Jody Gehrman):